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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Armes, Anya. Potter College Dean Ward Hellstrom Resigns
  • Mallon, T.J. Architect to Assess Hall – College High Hall
  • Hadley, Kim. Motorcycle Rally: Bikers Coming to Town
  • Johnson, J.L. Regents Call Special Meeting
  • Thunderbird Tickets Costing University Center Board
  • AT&T Circuit Board Went Bad
  • Gibson, Karen. Speakers Show Up, Students Don’t – Young Democrats
  • Harrington, Drew. Satanic Expert Should Apologize for Remarks
  • Richardson, Patrick. Editorial Cartoon Dr. Seuss Tribute
  • Jenkins, Dennis. Parking Should Be Priority
  • Baldwin, Paul. ‘90s Parenting: King of Beers Can Make You King of Young’uns
  • Pendleton, Jeffery. Racism is Still a Problem
  • Stewart, Nikita. Election Turnout Low; Results Still Not Ready
  • Meadows, Melanie. Eat Your Vegetables – Vegetarians
  • Helson, Trina. I Want My Art to Haunt Others – Penny Sisto, Quilts
  • Lindsey, J.D. Garth Brook’s Tour Comes With the Job – Brad Kimes
  • Hoff, Meagan. Candidates to Help Drive
  • Armes, Anya. Disease Doesn’t Deter Student – Gordon Lester
  • Martin, John. Council on Higher Education Staff Reviewing Response – Education Doctorate
  • Anna, Cara. Tops Gearing Up for 12th-Ranked Blue Raiders – Football
  • Meyers, Amee. Walk-On Gets First Win for Birthday Gift – Priya Mane, Tennis
  • Daugherty, Brian. NCAA Bid Long Shot for Toppers – Soccer
  • Schott, Kenneth. Western Finishes 12th in Memphis Tournament – Golf


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