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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hadley, Kim. Gay & Lesbian Issues: Homosexual Group Started – Lambda Society
  • Carter, Darla. Groups to Protest Ku Klux Klan
  • Johnson, J.L. Poet Minnie Pratt Brings Stories Back Home
  • Students Marching to City Hall – Noise Ordinance
  • Mallon, T.J. Wandel Dye, a Cheerful Instructor, Dies at 61
  • D’Aniello, Phil. Academic Council OKs Four-Day Fall Break Plan
  • AAUP’s Return Welcomed – American Association of University Professors
  • Richardson, Patrick. Editorial Cartoon AAUP Speakers Blast Thomas Meredith
  • Harrison, Lowell. Chicken Little Was Right – College High Hall
  • Acree, Leslie. Defends Speaker – Bob Buchanon
  • Stewart, Nikita. Staff Council Only Halfway There
  • Lawson, Jamie. City Commission Forum is Tonight – Noise Ordinance
  • Mallon, T.J. Course Teaches Rape Defense
  • Johnson, J.L. Giving Women a Voice – Women’s Studies Conference
  • Hoff, Meagan. Low Turnout Extends Voter-Registration Drive
  • Stivers, Stephanie. Animal Ethics: Speaker Ward Crowe Discusses Welfare & Rights
  • Hoff, Meagan. Freshman Primaries Next Week – Associated Student Government
  • Martin, John. Tight Budget: Grad Assistants Won’t Be in Some Departments
  • Nations, Jeff. New Club Discusses Religious Writings – Dead Theologians
  • Daugherty, Brian. Tops Win Corvette Classic – Soccer
  • Nations, Jeff. Volleyball Team Second in Tournament
  • English, Danny. Runner Defeats Georgia All-Star – Breeda Dennehy
  • Schott, Kenneth. Money Outguns Sigma Chi for Tournament Championship – Intramurals


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