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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Lawson, Jamie. Major Could be Cut – Anthropology
  • Johnson, J.L. Wrong Number Makes Connection – Jim Bradley, April Payne
  • Martin, John. I Think It’s Going to Heighten Awareness – Earvin Johnson aka Magic, AIDS
  • Western Wants Its MTV
  • Fall Break Proposal Passes
  • Earvin Johnson’s Bout with HIV Touches Many Lives – Magic Johnson
  • Richardson, Patrick. Editorial Cartoon Magic Johnson HIV
  • Davis, Terry. Anthropology Program Slated for Extinction
  • Lowry, Mark. Budget Suggestions
  • Martin, John. Election 1991: Candidates Covered Everything But Issues
  • Bailey, Howard. Praises Student Participation – City Elections
  • Helson, Trina. No Chance for Give Peace a Dance – United Student Activists
  • Armes, Anya. High Schoolers Sample College Life – College Awareness Day
  • LaJoie, Scott. Pumping Up – John Rivers, Body Building
  • Hoff, Meagan. Associated Student Government: Awards Doled Out
  • Hadley, Kim. Proposal Would Give Faculty Access – Personnel Files
  • Hadley, Kim. Students Can Examine Their Personnel Files, But Most Don’t Ask To
  • Stivers, Stephanie. Students Injured in Accident Thursday – Trevor O’Neil, Natalie Bailey
  • Gibson, Karen. Zeta Phi Beta May Return
  • Hadley, Kim. Mercy Killing: Students Exploring Ethics – Euthanasia
  • Anna, Cara. Diddle Arena Floor May be Contributing to Injuries
  • Nations, Jeff. Tops Rusty in Sun Belt Warm-Up, Finish 2nd – Volleyball
  • Anna, Cara. Toppers Block Kick to Win – Football
  • Daugherty, Brian. Seniors Praised After Second-Place Finish in Sun Belt Tournament – Soccer
  • Lady Tops Drop Exhibition – Basketball
  • Tops Set for Thrill on the Hill – Basketball
  • Meyers, Amee. Tennis Team Dominates Field in Indoor Tournament


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