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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Bryan, Angela. Abduction, Rape Raise Concerns – WKU Police
  • Cassady, Pam. Students Buzzing Over Near Beer
  • Good, Epha. Student Works Missing from Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center
  • Burnham, Maria. Procrastination: Why Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow?
  • Here’s Wishing You a Hill of a Holiday
  • Johnson, Steve. Editorial Cartoon Thomas Meredith Giving Santa Claus His List
  • Simmons, Herb. Evaluations Tangled in Legality Concerns – Student Evaluations
  • Stottmann, Stephanie. Capitol Arts Center Thanks Sorority Volunteers
  • Payne, Daryl. Quit Whining About Tickets & Seating – Athletics
  • Wilson, Teresa. Non-Traditional Students Not Lazy, Deserve Respect
  • Cobb, Terry. Homophobia Comes from Insecurity, Ignorance
  • Wilson, Ranada. Bible Specific on Sinfulness of Homosexuality – Gays, Lesbians
  • Cassady, Pam. New IDs: Students Won’t Leave Home, Campus Without Them
  • Wells, Greg. Pell Grants Harder to Get – Student Financial Aid
  • Nations, Jeff. Joe Rains Says Student Government Association Should Support Student Escort Service
  • Hannah, Jim. Professors’ Association Backs Faculty Senate’s Vote of Confidence – American Association of University Professors, AAUP
  • Wells, Greg. Activist Elves Raid Hill to Protest War Toys, Guns – United Student Activists – Demonstrations
  • Whitely, Jason. Georg Bluhm Lived History in Hitler’s Germany, Russian Prison
  • Burnham, Maria. Big Name Bands Still Aren’t Slated to Play at Western – Concerts
  • Bernardy, Patrick. Space-Age Saga Continues to Fly – Star Trek
  • Batters, Tom. Lady Tops Set for Next Challenge – Basketball
  • Anna, Cara. Coach Sees Bright Year – Curtiss Long, Track & Field
  • Batters, Tom. Thomas Meredith Supports Jack Harbaugh
  • Batters, Tom. Athletic Programs to Undergo Reform – Knight Commission
  • Kiggins, Pamela. End of Semester No Holiday for Tops – Basketball
  • Exhibition Game Time Changed – Basketball
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Basketball Programs Campaign for Student Support
  • Varney, Dennis. Swimming Coach Says He’ll Work Team To Death – Bill Powell


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