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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Good, Epha. Western Asked to Help Private Colleges – Owensboro Citizens Committee on Higher Education
  • Flynn, Leslie. Student Government Association: Proposal Expands Minority Definition
  • Brown, Karen. It’s Tip-Off Time – Basketball
  • Western Linked with Canada, Mexico – NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement
  • James Ramsey, Workers Discuss Shift – Facilities Services
  • Higher Education Review Commission Meets Today
  • Expectations Aren’t Always Proven True – Basketball
  • Editorial Cartoon Big Red’s Basketball Trophies
  • People Poll: Can Western’s Basketball Team Beat University of North Carolina?
  • Parke, Michelle. Equestrian Team Not Getting Coverage
  • Wilson, Richard. Excessive Drinking is Being Encouraged – Alcohol
  • Statton, Hilary. International Club Was Misrepresented
  • Editor’s Hotline – Alcohol, Bars, Minorities, Movie
  • John F. Kennedy Exhibition Planned – Kentucky Museum
  • Cutraro, Andrew. Curtain Call Photo Spread – Kiss Me Kate, Theatre & Dance
  • Morris, Linda. Faculty Senate Worries About Reforms – Higher Education Review Commission
  • Flynn, Leslie. Ross Perot Adviser Visits Campus, Then Debates on Nightline – Jim Squires
  • Ang, Dawn. Budget Cuts Making University Center Board Less Entertaining, Some Say
  • Grant Helps Visual Program See Success – Center to Enhance Mobility for the Elderly
  • Health Insurance Premiums May Increase
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Rules of Love: Signing the Line for Sex – Antioch College
  • Root, Tonya. Tempers Flare Over Dorm Fire Pranks – Housing & Residence Life, Arson
  • Broadbent, Stephanie. Employees Have Governor’s OK to Unionize – Facilities Services
  • Cecil, Jill. Pearce-Ford Tower’s Closing May Leave Some Resident Assistants with Roommates – Housing & Residence Life
  • Allen, Craig. Task Force Takes No Action on Tenure Plan – Governor’s Task Force on Teacher Preparation
  • Nations, Jeff. NIT: Toppers Say They Aren’t Nervous – Basketball, National Invitational Tournament
  • Burnham, Maria. Mascots Brawl at Troy State University – Big Red, T Roy, Tina Mock
  • Frakes, Jason. Defense Keys Western Win – Football
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Swimmers Sink Indianapolis – Swimming
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Strong Effort Not Reflected in Finishes at District – Track & Field
  • Amber Simons Named to Second Team – Volleyball
  • Varney, Dennis. Team Gets Stronger With Every Practice – Basketball
  • Ralph Willard Wins Award from Alumni Club – Greater Louisville Alumni Club
  • Western Starts at 26th in College Heights Herald Staff’s Poll – Basketball


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