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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Cecil, Jill. Sam Sharbutt: Lots of Peaks, Lots of Valleys – Cancer, Obituaries
  • Batters, Tom. Western to Learn Ralph Willard’s Decision By Monday – Basketball
  • Anna, Cara. Budget: Early Plan Includes Salary Increase, Positions Cut
  • Hernan Cortes to Be Examined Tonight – Latin American Studies
  • Athletics Should Get On the Ball
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Athletic Department Dog with NCAA Fire Hydrant
  • Newell, Gordon. Tanning Beds Unsafe
  • People Poll: Which Team Do You Think Will Win the NCAA Tournament
  • Clingerman, Ann. Sexist Images Hit Talk Show Airwaves
  • Ang, Dawn. American Carved His Own Fate – Michael Fay, Singapore
  • Root, Tonya. Proposal to Retake Classes to Be Reviewed by Academic Council – Student Government Association
  • Madison, Ann. Astronomy Professor Traces Career to Childhood Habit – Karen Hackney
  • Gunnoe, James. Balanced Diet Boosts Energy, Reduces Fat
  • Anna, Cara. Potter Hall Still Not Ready to House Offices
  • Anna, Cara. The House Giveth & the Senate Taketh Away – Western’s Money – Budget
  • Cecil, Jill. Pest Control Goes In House Again – Facilities Services
  • Whipple, Catherine. Award: Contributions to Women to Be Honored – Women’s Alliance
  • Kemp, Bill. Professors: Some Were On the Hill As Students – Carl Chelf, Barbara Kacer, David Kelsey
  • Buckling Up Is Kentucky Law in July – Seatbelts
  • Root, Tonya. Student Government Association Endorsed Student Insurance Gets No Complaints
  • Tolliver, Lisa. Black Students Find Support on Campus – Minority Student Support Services
  • Edwards, Don. Cheating: Teachers Say It’s Not Common
  • Whipple, Catherine. Hotel & Restaurant Majors Will Leave the Light on For You - Curriculum
  • Flener, Arnold. Students Turn to Repair Shops If Cars Break Down – Automobiles
  • Provano, Jennifer. Audrey Spies One of A Kind for Campus Police – WKU Police
  • The Best of Bowling Green
  • Bernardy, Alan. Counting Crows: Debut Album Shows Promise
  • Varney, Dennis & Charlie Nichols. Baseball: Tops to Play First Night Game
  • Nations, Jeff. Mike Curran Wins, Tennis Team Loses at Home
  • Search Is On for Athletics Director
  • Thomas Brown First in 200 Meters at Florida State University Relays – Track & Field
  • Varney, Dennis. Lady Topper Seniors Say Goodbye to Team – Basketball
  • Phillips, Teak. March Madness to March Sadness – Basketball
  • Bernardy, Alan. Upsets Abound in NCAA Tournament
  • Brown, Karen. First Self-Study Drafts In – NCAA
  • Nations, Jeff. Jennifer Reeves Top Rider in Region – Equestrian Team


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