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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hannah, Jim. Robert Rutledge Named in Texas A&M Lawsuit – Institutional Advancement
  • Cecil, Jill. Workers Are Leery of New Partnership – Facilities Management, Outsourcing
  • Kemp, Bill. Parking Crunch Lessened for Those Willing to Pay Big Bucks – Parking & Transportation Services
  • Scott, Mike. Woodstock 1994: It Wasn’t About Reliving the Past
  • Psychology Professor Phillip Duff Dies
  • Potter Hall Hub of Activity on Campus
  • We Need to Hear Your Voices, Too
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon College Heights Herald
  • Grundy, Julie. Is Dinner an Open Meeting? Regents
  • People Poll: Freshmen, Did You Participate in the MASTER Plan? Why or Why Not?
  • Stefanchik, Joe. Coffee Talk – Café Voltaire, Mike Davis
  • Good, Epha. New Staff Regent to Represent Co-Workers – Joy Grambling
  • Root, Tonya. Year-Round Employees Can Pick Vacation Date – Employee Fringe Benefits
  • Leonard, Shannon. Local Bed & Breakfast Offers More Than Just a Place to Sleep – Alpine Lodge, David Livingston, Doc Livingston
  • Ang, Dawn. Regents; Earl Fischer Named New Chairman
  • Davis, Amanda. Theatre & Dance Department Offers Alternative for Children
  • Whipple, Catherine & Mitchell Quarles. Plans for Student Government Association to Provide Its Own Teacher Evaluations in the Works
  • Allen, Craig. Budget Cuts Drain Western’s Motor Pool
  • Provano, Jennifer. Nursing May Get Graduate Program
  • Ang, Dawn. Housing & Residence Life Department Refusing Private Rooms Despite Vacancies
  • Tungate, Matthew. Freshmen Learn Skills to Deal With College Life – MASTER Plan, Making Academic & Social Transitions Educationally Rewarding
  • Wilson, Sherry. Student Government Association Finishing Old Business Before Starting New
  • Wilson, Sherry. Student Government Association Totally Revamped
  • Morris, Linda. Familiar Faces Returning to Western as Personnel – Jacqueline Addington, Dawn Evans, Mary Pitts
  • Grundy, Julie. E.A. Diddle to Be Honored With Memorial Park – Diddle Park, Diddle Dorm
  • Lowe, Karin. Computers to Link Campus Soon – Internet, World Wide Web, E-Mail, Information Technology
  • Nations, Jeff. Renovations: Facilities Management Updates Campus – Pearce-Ford Tower, Thompson Science Complex, Diddle Dorm
  • Provano, Jennifer. Forensics Team Receives Endowment
  • Root, Tonya. State Funding Up By Almost $500,000 – Budget
  • Tungate, Matthew. President’s Executive Assistant Loses Job – James Heck
  • Allen, Craig. Western’s Stellar Scientist Studies the Stars – Paul Campbell
  • Madison, Ann. Greeks Rushing Around This Week
  • Becker, Lori. Baton Twirler Trades Mountains for Hilltoppers – Kristi Boyles, Marching Band
  • Charles Anderson Named to Kentucky Educational Television Board
  • Scott, Michael. Toppers Have a J.J. Jewell in New Quarterback – Football
  • Scott, Michael. Two Rookie Running Backs to Fill Big Shoes – Football, LaTravis Powell, Sidney Williams
  • Nations, Jeff. Jody Bingham Fired Up About Losing His Job – Tennis
  • Bernardy, Patrick. New Conference Possible – Athletics
  • Frakes, Jason. Toppers Face Changes During Long Summer – Athletics
  • Brown, Karen. Former Lady Topper Thrilled to Death to Be Coach, Role Model – Mary Taylor Cowles
  • Frakes, Jason. Jim Richards to Remain Athletic Director for Another Year
  • Seven to be Added to Athletic Hall of Fame


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