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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Wilson, Sherry. Credit Cards Surprise Faculty, Staff
  • Root, Tonya. Fall Enrollment Down; Freshman Figures Increase – Registrar
  • Wilson, Sherry. Old Café’s Replacement to Offer New Atmosphere – Al Baker, Baker Street Café, Restaurants
  • Women Gathering for Conference – Women’s Studies Conference
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon WBKO-TV Censorship
  • Serafini, David. Alex Rose Clueless About Women
  • Censorship Is Not Acceptable – Television
  • Ward, Catherine. Alex Rose Challenged to Debate
  • People Poll: If You Could Censor One Show, What Would It Be & Why?
  • Miller, Kristen. Hollywood Makes Real Life More Enjoyable -
  • Editor’s Hotline – Censorship, Television, Kristen Miller
  • Harless, Michael. Not Airing Shows Is Censorship
  • Goetz, Kristina. Student Escort Service Short on Staff, High On Spirit
  • Thomas, Kim. College Dating Demands Maturity, Responsibility
  • Becker, Lori. Student Hopes Rowing Team Idea Floats – Megan Monohan
  • Lowe, Karin. Red Cross Ready for Your Blood – Blood Drives
  • Williams, Stacy. Milk Money Will Make You Smile – Movie Review
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Student Government Association Approves Budget for 1994-95
  • Jenkins, Rhonda. Some Steamed Over Pipe Replacement – Utilities
  • Volunteers to Begin Calling Grads September 18 – Phonathon, Fund Raising
  • Kemp, Bill. Assault Outside Preston Health & Activities Center Very Unusual – Crime
  • Sargent, Rebecca. Renovations Have Positive Effect on Pearce-Ford Tower Residents – Housing & Residence Life
  • Broadbent, Stephanie. Beach Boys Blues: Concert a Forgettable Memory
  • Knapp, Jennifer. Dorm Room Decorating Is A Craft
  • Becker, Lori. Professor Protects Land Through Work, Education – Nicholas Crawford, Cave & Karst
  • Thomas, Kim. Reincarnation: Fact or Fiction? – Paula Quinn, Gerald Calhoun, Richard Greer, Religion
  • Bernardy, Patrick. MTV to Showcase Classics & Cutting Edge – Music
  • Scott, Michael. Jack Harbaugh Wary of Improved Racers – Football
  • Hieb, Dan. Depth, Experience Among Runners’ Biggest Assets – Track & Field
  • Vickrey, Eric. Woodstockers Just On of New Volleyball Opponents
  • Brown, Karen. Soccer Team Splits First Matches
  • Vickrey, Eric. Amber Simons, Karrie Donahue Lead Toppers to Wins; Lori Cummings Out for Season – Volleyball
  • Scott, Michael. Former Quarterback Leads Tops’ Defense – Jairus Malcome aka Meco, Football


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