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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hutchins, Chris. Council on Higher Education Hears From Public on Funding – Budget
  • Wilson, Sherry. On the Ropes, Yearbook is Swinging Back – Talisman
  • Frakes, Jason. Midnight Mania: Madness is Back – Basketball
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Student’s Death Teaches Bitter Lesson in Life – Jason Mitz, Drunk Driving, Alcohol
  • Forum on WKU Foundation Postponed
  • Curtis, Stacy. Editorial Cartoon Recycling to Save Earth
  • Osborne, Kimberly. Shame on Hotline Caller – Athletes
  • Western Needs New Level of Recycling
  • Ayer, Kristen. Honored to Win Pageant – Miss Watermelon Bust
  • Sizemore, Greg. Prayer in Schools is History – Religion, Christianity
  • People Poll: What Could Be Done to Increase Recycling?
  • Miller, Kristen. T-Shirts a Concern for Fashion Police
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Minority Scholarships Needed
  • Kemp, Bill. Scholarships Increase Prejudice
  • Editor’s Hotline – Nite Class, Carrollton Bus Crash
  • Root, Tonya. Americans With Disabilities Act Deadline Looms
  • Kemp, Bill. Marijuana Arrests High This Year – Drug Abuse
  • Wilson, Sherry. Annual Event Brings Alumni, Students Together – Homecoming
  • Student Government Association Awards Child-Care Grants
  • Sargent, Rebecca. Rodes-Harlin Targets Trashers – Housing & Residence Life
  • Public Relations Bill Doesn’t Pass - Student Government Association
  • New Student Government Association Award Honors Sam Sharbutt
  • Bernardy, Patrick. Rollerblading: Speed At Your Feet
  • Spears, Brian. Anything Goes Cast Sings, Dances & Shines on Stage – Theatre & Dance, Music
  • Scott, Michael. Football Team Faces Must-Win Situation
  • Scott, Michael. Crunch Time: It’s Do Or Die Against Gamecocks – Football
  • Nations, Jeff. Practice Covers Bases, Basics – Baseball
  • Vickrey, Eric. Destiny at Stake for Tops – Volleyball
  • Varney, Dennis. Toppers Seeking Consistency in Season’s Last Tournament – Golf
  • Women’s Tennis Falls to University of Louisville
  • Brown, Karen. Freshmen Key in First Win Ever Over Aces – Soccer
  • Hieb, Dan. Healthy Nick Aliwell Leads Team to Michigan – Track & Field


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