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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Stamper, John. Parking Causes Territory Standoff
  • Brewer, Jerry. Red Towels, Blue Tears – Football
  • Siria, Stephenie. Local Sigma Alpha Epsilon Guard Against Trouble
  • University Awaits Choice of President – Presidential Search
  • Information Session Tomorrow
  • Leonard, Kim. Habitat for Humanity Builds Homes for Three Local Families
  • Batchedldor, Matt. Convenience Stores Yet to Open – Dining Services
  • Freshman Seminar Helpful to Students’ Futures
  • Harlow, Paige. Editorial Cartoon Freshman Seminar
  • People Poll: Do You Think the Freshman Seminar Will Be Effective?
  • Howard, Jake. Police Brutality Could Destroy Trust in Authority
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Education Should Be Respected
  • Cardin, Neal. Media, Society Responsible for Princess Diana’s Death
  • Back, Shannon. Barbara Burch Ready to Return to Academic Affairs
  • Harper, Molly. Television, Technology Stretch Western’s Reach – Information Technology, WKU Owensboro, WKU Elizabethtown/Fort Knox, WKU Glasgow
  • Baker, Emily. My Buddy’s Place Benefits Patients, Students – Adult Day Care Center, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Karen, Mattias. Actor’s Performance Addresses Racism, Freedom – Hasan Davis, Angus Burleigh, Civil War, Kentucky Museum, African Americans
  • Kappa Delta Offers Greek Scholarship
  • Felkins, Melissa. Jean-Michael Cousteau Fears Father’s Death May Kill Society – Cousteau Society, Jacques Cousteau
  • Hutchins, Chris. Astronomy Department Hosting Program
  • Lanter, Charlie. Leaders Set Goals at Retreat – Student Government Association
  • Moore, Leigh. Women Learning to Respond to Danger – Self-Defense
  • Baker, Emily. Scholarship Will Honor Late Poet – Jim Wayne Miller
  • Regents’ Lawsuits Against College Heights Herald Consolidated
  • Back, Shannon. Part-Time Job Openings Mean More Money for Students
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Concert Draws Few; Bands Disappointed – Rock the Corvette Museum
  • Lynn, Kelley. Outdoor Adventure Club Offers Outings for the Adventurous
  • Baker, Emily. Faculty Evaluations to Be More In-Depth, Timely
  • Mains, Brian. Experts Offers Tips on Fire Safety
  • Felkins, Melissa. Boom Benefits Students – Economics
  • Baker, Emily. Academic Council Seeks Students
  • Baker, Emily. Biology Professor Earns Grant to Study Grasslands – Eric Berkovsky
  • Smith, Scheri. Owensboro Honoring Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photojournalist – Moneta Sleet Jr.
  • Brewer, Jerry. Former Superstar Takes Coaching Job – Lillie Mason
  • Conklin, Jed. Dove Hunting Not Just for the Skilled
  • Mayo, Travis. Hilltoppers Beat Racers in Battle for Red Belt – Football
  • Robinson, George. Soccer Falls to Xavier University
  • Brewer, Jerry. Western’s No. 23 Continues Smart Moves – Rod Smart
  • Nine Added to Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Lady Tops Release Schedule – Basketball
  • Abrell, Chris. Volleyball Takes Two in Tournament
  • Abrell, Chris. Bearcats Next Obstacle on Toppers’ Schedule – Volleyball


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