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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Moore, Leigh. Institute Receives National Contract – Applied Physics Institute
  • Brewer, Jerry. Cheerleaders Gain National Renown
  • Lanter, Charlie. Stephanie Cosby Rolls to Huge Victory – Student Government Association
  • Wilson, Misty. Election Day Taxing for Officer Candidates – Student Government Association
  • Lecture Series Funded – Leon Page Business Leadership Series
  • Harper, Molly. Grant to Help Migrant Workers – PLOW, People Learning Others Ways, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
  • Lanter, Charlie. Regents Committee Gives Budget Firs OK
  • Athletes Should Be Allowed to Work
  • Harlow, Paige. Editorial Cartoon Athletes Need Money
  • Hackett, Hugh. Underpass Needs Improvements – Flooding
  • People Poll: Should Athletes Be Allowed to Have Jobs Under NCAA Rules?
  • Harper, Molly. Some Guys Need Lesson in Good Behavior
  • White, Charla. Rental Policies Not Fair to Young Drivers
  • Yochim, Phil. Suggestions for Nicer World
  • Moore, Leigh. Detection Device Works Like X-Rays – Applied Physics Institute
  • Harper, Molly. Faculty Focuses on Social Learning – Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Vietnam Speaker Tonight – Dalton Buster
  • Inaugural Week Begins – Gary Ransdell
  • Niersmann, Dorothy. Introductions – Poetry
  • Harrison, Chris. Bruise Horse Milk Reason & Bride – Poetry
  • Harrison, Chris. When Morning Overslept – Poetry
  • Enyart, David. Home – Poetry
  • Goetz, Kristina. Highway 60 E – Poetry
  • Price, Linda. Testing the Light – Poetry
  • Heritage – Poetry
  • Fritz, James. Advice – Poetry
  • Blankenship, Courtney. Summer – Poetry
  • Smith, Scheri. Nineteenth-Century Play Holds True Today – Ghosts, Theatre & Dance
  • Darr, John. Mowers & Blowers Create Bothersome Noise – Facilities Management
  • Englert, Jennifer. Steppers Head for Bahamas – Alpha Phi Alpha, Step Show
  • Craig, Ryan. One Step At A Time Will Soon Be Classic – George Strait, Music Review
  • Smith, Scheri. Itsy-Bitsy Equals Big Stress – Entertainment
  • Mayo, Travis. Series Crucial for Tops – Baseball
  • Joey Stockton to Play in Canada
  • Brewer, Jerry. Leslie Johnson’s Professional Hoops Dream Put on Hold
  • Mayo, Travis. Wildcats Claw Tops, 13-3 – Baseball
  • Conklin, Jed. Cool Head Crucial When You’re Lost – Hiking
  • Swim Team Adds Two; Students Snag Mascot – Swimming, Big Red, Brad Sweatt, Ryan Burnam, Holly Russell
  • Ramsey, Sarah. Tops Romp in Racer Country – Track & Field


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