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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Broadbent, Stephanie. Residents Say Resident Assistants’ Mistakes Spoiled the Day – Housing & Residence Life
  • Daniels, Jerry. Students Celebrate African Holiday – Kwanzaa
  • Tungate, Matthew. Money Madness: Graduation Rates Could Affect Universities’ State Funding – Budget, Higher Education Review Commission
  • Root, Tonya. Brady Bill May Be Hard to Enforce, Some Officials Say – Gun Control
  • Former Business Professor Dies – Richard Taylor
  • 3 Arrested for Having Stolen Goods – Barry Stephens, Sean Smith, April Depper
  • Professor to Serve on Council – Camilla Collins, Accreditation
  • Ray Mendel Should Pay Back Taxes – Regents
  • Lee, John. Editorial Cartoon Ray Mendel’s Used Car Lot
  • People Poll: Will a Waiting Period to Purchase Guns Help Lower the Number of Gun-Related Crimes? – Gun Control
  • Bunnell, David. Is Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream Forgotten
  • Lindsey, James. Ray Mendel Was Just Trying to Save Money – Regents
  • Editor’s Hotline – Ray Mendel, Smoking
  • Tungate, Matthew. Board of Regents: $900,000 Surplus to Be Spent at Special Meeting
  • Good, Epha. We’re As Far Along As We Can Be – Higher Education Review Commission
  • Tuition Deposits Due
  • Cherry Sundial is Dedicated
  • Flynn, Leslie. Student Government Association: Scholarship Proposal Passes – Minorities
  • Allen, Craig. Some Black Students Put College on Hold for Money
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Slam Dancing – Concerts, Entertainment, Moshing
  • Varney, Dennis. Early Lapse Costs Team a Win – Basketball
  • Nations, Jeff. Soccer Players Appeal Loss of Scholarships
  • Nations, Jeff. Russians Leave Town in a Hurry After Losing 105-70 – Basketball
  • Flynn, Leslie. Coach Ralph Willard Won’t Have to Miss His Son’s Games This Year – Kevin Willard, Basketball
  • Frakes, Jason. Division I-AA Needs Playoff System
  • Team Holds Year-End Banquet – Football
  • Final Football Stats Show Western Among Nation’s Best Teams


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