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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Lanter, Charlie. Student Numbers Stagnant – Enrollment
  • Moore, Leigh. Snowfall Doesn’t Interrupt Life on Hill – Winter, Weather
  • Back, Shannon. Pastor Shares Strength with Community – Ron Whitlock, Trinity Full Gospel Baptist Church, Black History Month
  • First Amendment Forum Tonight – Kincaid, et al v. Gibson, et al, Kentucky State University
  • Art Exhibit Begins – Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition
  • Moore, Leigh. Opinions Differ on Radon’s Risks
  • Moore, Leigh. Parents Upset They Weren’t Notified of Radon Tests, Results
  • Better Use for Student Fee Revenue than Student Government Association
  • Harlow, Paige. Editorial Cartoon Student Government Association Representation of Students
  • Pearson, Earl. Radon No Cause for Alarm from Students
  • People Poll: Would You Be Willing to Pay $5 In Student Fees to Increase Student Government Association’s Budget?
  • Mayo, Travis. Aging Bad? New Wonders Come with Years
  • Brewer, Jerry. 23 More Days of Empowerment Left – Black History Month
  • Shaver, Vicki. Help Control Pet Population
  • Hieb, Dan. List of Media’s Favorite Things
  • Hieb, Dan. Save Early, Win in the End – Finances, Investments
  • Englert, Jennifer. Worried About Taxes? Help Is On the Way – VITA, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
  • Englert, Jennifer. Power of Prayer Provides Strength for Many Believers – Laura Patterson, John Little, Allison Jeffries
  • Hieb, Dan. Area Code to Change
  • Back, Shannon. Regent Teaches Teamwork, Donates Time to Western – Peggy Loafman, Class of 1971 (WKU)
  • Street, Julie. Local Company Donates $25,000 – Western Kentucky Gas, Gordon Ford College of Business
  • Lynn, Kelley. Western Improving Handicapped Accessibility – Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA
  • First Deadline for Research Conference Set for February 20 – Sigma Xi
  • Harper, Molly. Freshman Class May Change – Freshman Seminar
  • Harper, Molly. Deans Will Propose Raise in Testing Fees – Council of Academic Deans, CLEP, College Level Examination Program
  • Smith, Scheri. Looking for the Light – Seasonal Affective Disorder, Depression, Patti Collins
  • Craig, Ryan. Great Expectations Only Average – Movie Review
  • Lynn, Kelley. Videos Can Cost Big Bucks When Stolen – Blockbuster Video
  • Hutchins, Chris. Pop Culture Guru Gets $10 – Entertainment
  • Robinson, George. Ron Brown’s Experiences Add to Toppers – Basketball
  • Sisco, Scott. Tennis Wants to Ace Governors
  • Christian, Jenny. Division II Oakland on Tap for Western – Swimming
  • Conklin, Jed. Short Trails Provide Endurance Workouts – Hiking
  • Brewer, Jerry. Ruston Haunts Lady Toppers – Basketball


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