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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Gaines, Jim. Small Majors Facing Changes, Cuts – Curriculum, Budget
  • Gaines, Jim. Phone Services Slam Hill – Qwest
  • Brown, Abbey. Shuttle Service a Success – Big Red Shuttle, Parking & Traffic Services
  • Ragan, Jason. Backhoe Thief Arrested – Mowhawk Waters aka Willie
  • Ragan, Jason. Western Honors High School Seniors – Scholarships
  • Ragan, Jason. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
  • Brown, Abbey. Winter Renovations – Parking Lots, Streets
  • Bennett, Jacob. Virtual University Popularity Exceeds Expectations – Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University, KCVU
  • Gaines, Jim. New Virtual Library Offers Greater Access to Research Material – Kentucky Community Virtual Library
  • Eliminating Student Voice No Laughing Matter – Student Affairs
  • Tabor, Chris. Editorial Cartoon Gary Ransdell Builds Student Affairs Vice President from Legos
  • Tran, Linh. Learning a Tough Lesson the Hard Way – Thieves
  • Would An Off-Campus Arena Affect How Many Games You Attend?
  • Karen, Mattias. Anyone Need a Backhoe? – Theives, Greek Village, Fraternities and Sororities
  • Brown, Abbey. Carol Crowe-Carraco: Her Own One-Woman Show
  • Warren, Brandy. Low Attendance May Force Closing of Downing University Center Movie Theater
  • Ragan, Jason. New Traffic Accident Reports Add Delays
  • Gaines, Jim. Four New Degrees Possible – Curriculum
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Times, They Are a Changing – 21st Century
  • Harper, Molly. Do You Want Chopsticks With That? – Chinese Restaurants
  • Walsh, Erica. Weird Dreams Could Indicate Deeper Problems
  • Madame Moonbeam’s Predictions – Astrology
  • Mayo, Travis. Raynardo Curry to Sit Due to ACT Test – Basketball
  • Sutton, Lyndsay. Late Rally Drenches Hurricanes – Basketball
  • Sutton, Lyndsay. Lady Toppers Lose Two in Big Victory – Basketball, Natalie Powers, Kenosha Chastang
  • Mayo, Travis. A Guessing Game: Where Doesn’t Basketball Thrive?
  • Mayo, Travis. Tops Searching for Full 40 Minutes – Basketball
  • Brewer, Jerry. Lady Tops Fight Through the Curse – Basketball
  • Moore, Brian. Swimming Teams Fully Intend on Extending Undefeated Records
  • Mayo, Travis. WKYU-TV to Televise Upcoming Hoops Games – Basketball


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