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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Lynch, Caroline. DOI Says Western Faultless – Kentucky. Department of Insurance, Collegiate Health Care, Student Health Services
  • Kinnunen, Krystal. Faces: Concealed & Constant – Mexico
  • Hall, Rex. Cars Towed from Sunken Egypt Parking Lot – Sinkholes
  • Brown, Abbey. Two Teachers Receive Western’s Distinguished Professor Award – Melvin Borland, Leroy Metze
  • Youngman, Sam. New TIP Puts University on the Map, Provides New Technology Resource – Topper InfoPortal, Internet, University Libraries
  • Hall, Rex. Three Men Arrested Outside Garrett Conference Center
  • Retention Goals Should Advance
  • Grady, Brian. Editorial Cartoon Construction
  • Cassie Martin, Student Government Association Have A Full Plate for Fall
  • Sutton, Valerie. Alumni Want Access – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Tutino, Tom. Cherry Hall Windows Don’t Fit
  • Gaines, Jim. Don’t Argue with Bible Jim It Just Encourages Him – Jim Webber, Evangelists
  • Poynter, Chris. Insurance SNAFU: Nothing Ever Changes – Student Health Services
  • Black, Bryan. Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Advertisements
  • Calvert, Bo. Traveling Evangelist Known as Bible Jim Preaches at Western to Provoke Thinking – Jim Webber
  • Jean Ritchie to Speak at Jim Wayne Miller Celebration
  • Ragan, Jason. Rodes-Harlin Hall & Schneider Hall Battle Faulty Air Conditioning – Housing & Residence Life
  • Ragan, Jason. Property Next to President’s House to be Used for Dorm Construction Storage, Not Housing
  • Brown, Abbey. Class to Celebrate Golden Anniversary – Class of 1950 (WKU)
  • Hoang, Mai. Business Class to Release Rock CD
  • Warren, Brandy. Student Government Association Hopes Cash Prizes Will Boost School Spirit
  • Slaughter, Michelle. Communications Professor Spends Spring Semester in Mexico Teaching – Cecile Garmon
  • Ragan, Jason. Air Conditioning System Will Improve with New Plant – Housing & Residence Life
  • Brown, Abbey. Project PLOW Expands to Four Counties – People Learning Other’s Ways, English as a Second Language
  • Bennett, Jacob. Elderly Offer Tips on Life
  • Walsh, Erica. Boogie Nights – Galaxy 2000, Entertainment
  • Hoang, Mai. New Aquatic Park Offers Relief – Russell Sims Aquatic Center
  • Brazley, Erin. Not Everyone In Tune with Bells’ Return – Cherry Hall Chimes
  • Slaughter, Michelle. Welcome Scheduled Tomorrow – Welcome Back Western
  • Compton, Michael. Film Bring It On the Fun – Movie Review
  • Phi Delta Theta Win Four Awards
  • Moore, Brian. Defense Controls Scrimmage – Football
  • Hightower, Kyle. The Next Plateau – Volleyball
  • Compton, Michael. Soccer Shut Out in Exhibition Game Against IUPUI
  • Schoenbaechler, Danny. L.T. Smith Stadium Track Being Resurfaced


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