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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Lynch, Caroline. Insurance Rates to Rise Next Year – Employee Benefits
  • Youngman, Sam. Greeks Behaving Well Under Point System – Fraternities and Sororities
  • Bennett, Jacob. Love Story Leads Student from Ireland to America – Dermot Foley, Marie Foley
  • Youngman, Sam. Math, Science Academy Will Open in Two Years – Gatton Academy of Math & Science
  • Hall, Rex. Break-Ins In Structure Force Students to Rethink Parking – Parking & Transportation Services
  • WKU Police Need to Disclose All Crimes
  • Grady, Brian. Editorial Cartoon Atomic Bomb Firecracker
  • Whittinghill, Charity. Cherry Hall Bathrooms Are Tiny
  • Hendershot, Kurt. Is Fair Enough – Student Evaluations
  • Harrod, Brandon. The Hill Doesn’t Rock
  • Shepherd, Justin. Don’t Read the Writing on the Wall
  • Staynings, Mark. Student Parking Too Cheap – Parking & Transportation Services
  • Hiles, Tom. Raises Saved WKU Money – Budget
  • Emly, Karri. Relationships Can Cause Weight Loss, Headaches
  • Compton, Michael. Bob Knight Lost Job When He Lost Games – Indiana University
  • Ragan, Jason. Revitalized McLean Hall to Re-Open Next Fall – Housing & Residence Life
  • Gary Ransdell to Meet with Advisory Committee
  • Youngman, Sam. Enrollment Growing Fastest In the State – Registrar
  • Bennett, Jacob. Columnist Left Hung Out to Dry
  • Loyal, Taylor. Just Got Paid – Student Financial Aid
  • Walsh, Erica. Prevention Center Ready to Shine Light for Victims – Rape Crisis & Prevention Center
  • Compton, Michael. Nurse Betty a Star-Studded Success – Movie Review
  • Uhde, Andrea. Oh, My Aching Backpack
  • Moore, Brian. Western Throttles University of Tennessee-Martin 71-0 – Football
  • Moore, Brian. Jack Harbaugh Blames Philip Conn for Skyhawk Defeat
  • Compton, Michael. Hilltoppers Fall to Valpo 2-0, Still Looking for First Goal & Win – Soccer
  • Hightower, Kyle. Father Watches Son’s Light Shine – Moody Johnson, Jason Johnson
  • Queen, Chad. Students Agree With Indiana University Officials – Bobby Knight
  • Hightower, Kyle. Lady Tops at Crossroads – Volleyball


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