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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Dawes, Jennifer. New Doctor for Western – Allen Redden, Student Health Services
  • Lynch, Caroline. Insurance Debt Causes Budget Cuts – Employee Benefits
  • Williams, Travis. Western Alumnus Goes to Olympics – Breeda Willis, Track & Field
  • Lynch, Caroline. Survey Says Faculty Morale Law, Gary Ransdell Performing Well
  • Insurance Rate Increase Unavoidable
  • Grady, Brian. Editorial Cartoon Benchmark Slot Machine
  • Crowe, Shawn. Campus Police Are Helpful
  • Sampson, Joshua. Bobby Knight Is No Worse than Average
  • Ogletree, Alan. Parking Problem Merits Debate – Parking & Traffic Services
  • Ragan, Jason. City Plans to Build on WKU Land – Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center, SKyPAC
  • Warren, Brandy. Martin Luther King III to Speak at Downing University Center in November
  • Brown, Abbey. Aramark’s Garrett Conference Center Food Court Fails Health Department’s Check – Dining Services
  • Hall, Rex. Student Arrested for Leaving Child in Car – Kelly Dotson
  • WKU Gamers Group to Meet in Garrett Monday
  • Hall, Rex. Folk Music Concert Coming Saturday – Firstar Kentucky Tour of Folk Music
  • Hoang, Mai. Degree Would Be Offered on Web – Psychology, Internet, Distance Learning, Curriculum
  • Haarstad, Havard. Profile in Courage – Joseph Gavi, Carlton Jackson, Holocaust
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Politicians Sitting on Thrones While We Can’t Fit On Ours
  • Haarstad, Havard. Authors Abound All Around Hill
  • Uhde, Andrea. Psychology Guru to Speak – Sylvia Rimm
  • Hoang, Mai. New Website Encourages Students to Discuss Problems on the Internet – Counseling & Testing Center
  • Compton, Michael. Saving Grace Highly Entertaining, Well Worth a Road Trip to Nashville – Movie Review
  • Compton, Michael. Western Wins 1-0 Thriller Against Memphis – Soccer
  • Moore, Brian. Elon College Is Mirror Image of Toppers – Football
  • Moore, Brian. Western Football Team Has Own Tribal Council
  • Hightower, Kyle. Lady Toppers Impeach Governors 3-1 – Volleyball
  • Handel, Lee. Jared Topmiller Wins Playoff – Golf
  • Conklin, Jed. With Fall Here, Students Should Visit New Bike Trail at Mammoth Cave
  • Schoenbaechler, Danny. Western Hosts Classic on Saturday – Track & Field
  • Sutton, Lyndsay. Women’s Basketball Schedule Released


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