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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • Thank You WKU!! – Fundraising
  • Other Board of Regents News
  • Business Administration Dean from Cleveland State – Robert Hershbarger
  • WKU Signs Student Exchange With Japan – Study Abroad
  • Fine Arts Festival Opens Tonight
  • Fulbrighters Will Talk on Campus About Experiences
  • Credit Union News
  • For Faculty Interested in Writing & Thinking – Karen Pelz, English
  • Talk About Books
  • WKU to Participate in Language Education Program – Ronald Eckard, English
  • ABC’s Nightline Consults with WKU College of Education – J.T. Sandefur
  • Elizabeth Volkman to Perform on Campus
  • Academic Affairs – Fellowships
  • About You – Betty Fulwood, Lowell Harrison, Ned Kearny, Gabriel Buntzman, Douglas Fugate, Edgar Busch, Afzalur Rahim, Brian Sullivan, Betty Pease, Edward Pease, Gary Dilworth, Joe Millichap
  • Coming Up September 10 – 22


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