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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • What It Means When the Vice President Comes to Town – George Bush
  • Talisman, College Heights Herald Win Awards
  • Phonothon ’84 Gets $32,210 – Fundraising
  • James Baldwin to Appear November 13
  • Fine Arts Festival Concludes This Month
  • Gordon Liddy & Timothy Leary to Appear on Campus
  • WKYU-FM Begins Fund Drive
  • Student Public Relations Group Wins Award – Public Relations Student Society of America
  • Board of Regents to Meet Saturday
  • A Response to the National Institute of Education Higher Education Study
  • About You – Sakir Ayik, George Vourvopoulos, Freida Eggleton, Lou Ehrcke, Edward Hines, Archie Laman, Kenneth Kuehn, Ronald Nash, Robert Panchyshyn, M.A. Rahim, Joyce Rasdall, Michael Trapasso
  • Academic Affairs – Fellowships
  • Etc. – Vanderbilt University Education Professor Len Bickman to Speak, Credit Union, Sister City Group to Perform
  • Coming Up November 5 – 18


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