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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • WKU’s Mike Morse Part of Heart Implant Photo Exclusive
  • Holiday Season Opens on Campus Today
  • Coal Chemistry on Campus Impresses Chinese Experts
  • Visiting Professor Will Speak on Pathogens – James Moulder
  • Industrial & Engineering Technology is Accredited on Campus
  • After 1984, Utopias – John Oakes
  • Music for the Holidays – Concerts
  • Update – Donald Zacharias
  • About You – Emery Alford, Henry Baughman, Philip Constans, William Floyd, Connie Foster, Mary Miller, Janet Palmer, Alice Rowe, Joseph Stokes, Joseph Uveges, Joe Winstead, Blaine Ferrell, Donald Zacharias, Economics, Management & Marketing, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work, Geography & Geology
  • Etc. – Credit Union, Talisman


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