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On Campus newsletter featuring articles about faculty, staff and events at Western Kentucky University. This issue includes articles:

  • John Palmore & Danny Butler to Take Oath June 22 – Regents
  • Co-Operative Education Gets Major Grant
  • 24 to Participate in Junior Scholars Program
  • Rudolph Prins Visits Area Just Opened to Mankind on Chilean Streams Study
  • Three Get University’s Top Academic Scholarship – George Bush, Kristie Foulke, Beverly Kirk
  • Talisman Gets Touted Again
  • WKU to Offer Nursing Classes in Owensboro – WKU Owensboro
  • Workshops Will Host Academically Talented Youths
  • Who’s Big Red – O’Brian McKinley
  • Campus Will Host French Connection – International Programs
  • And On Another International Note: - Kansai University, Japan
  • Dinner Theatre Opens Friday
  • Looking for a Fullbright?
  • For the Reading List. . .
  • TV Religion is Booming Business, Says WKU Author – Jerry Cardwell
  • What? Me Worry? Some Advice Worth Noting – Henry Baughman
  • Carlton Jackson’s Hounds of the Road Colors Greyhound Bus Company
  • About You – Faculty Awards, Duane Andrews, Will Berry, Nancy Baird, Robert Baxter, William Moore, Kenneth Flaherty, Joe Winstead, Frank Toman, Robert Farina, Robert Caudill, Paul Bayer, Stan Brumfield, Sharon Celsor, Carol Crowe-Carraco, David Dunn, Larry Elliott, Betty King, John Hagaman, David Fenwick, Glen Lohr, Virginia Mutchler, Juanita Hire, Ronald Nash, J.T. Sandefur, John Scarborough, Fuad Baali, Kirk Danserau, Jerry Cardwell, Ann Goetting, James Grimm, Tom Dunn, Thomas Isherwood, Janet Henry, Vernon Moore, Kathy Kalab, Paul Wozniak
  • Coming Up June 11 – July 13


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