Publication Date

Fall 2017


2017 Talisman yearbook.

  • Gibson, Helen. Letter from the Editor
  • Edwards, Aly. What's Your Superpower?
  • Mattison, Reed. Dangerous Heights - George Clark, Mountaineering
  • Voorhees, Jessica. Innovative Energy - Wei-Ping Pan
  • Voorhees, Jessica. Counterpunch - Rock Steady Boxing
  • Barritt, Brooklyn. B.G. Bosses - Small Business
  • Frint, Hunter. Cason's Cove: The Power of Family
  • Mitchell, McKenna. Picking Up the Mic - Reuben Bynes, Waco Bell
  • Mohr, Olivia. Hidden in Plain Sight - Human Trafficking
  • Mattingly, Evan. Voice Off - Noah Hancock, Deaf Persons
  • Robb, Hayley. Game, Set, Unmatched - Phillip Cole, Tennis
  • Good, Hannah. Damage Control - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Gordon, Zora. Paving the Way: Brief Look at Black History on the Hill
  • Eastham, Lillie. Ivory League - Christen Harris, Honors College
  • Crutchfield, Ambriehl. The Right to Dream - Franscisco Serrano, Illegal Immigrants
  • Holt, Delaney & Hunter Frint. Passing the Towel - Timothy Caboni
  • Murphy, Adam. Come Together - Islam, Buddhism
  • Doyel, Rachael. United We Stand - Transgender Students
  • Crutchfield, Ambriehl. That's Not Yours: Reclaiming Black Culture on Twitter
  • Knapp, Hunter. Horsepower: Finding Community Through Corvettes
  • Edwards, Aly. Power Couples - Heidi Alvarez, Fabian Alvarez, Brent Bjorkman, Ann Ferrell, Maire Blankenship, Ray Blankenship, Kerby, Molly, Gayle Mallinger, Susanne Leguizamon, Sebastian Leguizamon
  • Turner, Natalie. Reminder
  • McCormick, Dillon. Horoscopes
  • Good, Hannah. Power Playlist


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