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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Walsh, Erica. The Dawn of Delta Sigma Theta – Homecoming
  • Warren, Brandy. Student Government Association Poll About Student Fee
  • Hall, Rex. Barnes-Campbell / Bemis Lawrence Hall Director Hurt in Attack – Johnna Killmaster
  • Lynch, Caroline. Increased Insurance Contribution Solves Most Faculty, Staff Woes
  • Grady, Brian. Editorial Cartoon – Athletics Fees
  • Wood Selig Pushes Fuzzy Fees
  • Metcalf, Nathan. Keep Campus Clean
  • Lucas, Marion. Fee Hike Ignores Real Needs
  • Lynch, Caroline. Insurance Causing Budget Strains
  • Ragan, Jason. New Parking Spaces to be Built by Semester’s End
  • Loyal, Taylor. Western Green Party to Meet Tonight
  • Ragan, Jason. Track Resurfacing in Final Phase
  • Youngman, Sam. New Program Would Help Students Graduate On Time
  • Hall, Rex. Local Man Arrested on Campus, Charged with Cocaine Possession – George Murray
  • Ragan, Jason. Virginia Garrett Avenue Closing Until December
  • Ragan, Jason. Women’s Studies Shows Tough Guise
  • Ragan, Jason. Famous Poet to Read on Campus Monday – Sherod Santos
  • Loyal, Taylor. Galaxy Tricked by Rap Artists; Club Owner Will Sue
  • Hoang, Mai. Nightmares Abound for Thrill Seekers – Lost River Cave
  • Corcoran, Kate. Boys Will Be Boys – Susan Faludi
  • Compton, Michael. The Ladies Man Follows Saturday Night Live Film Family History
  • Calvert, Bo. Beware: Poop Patrol on Prowl
  • Compton, Michael. Western Names Soccer Coach for Women’s Program – Jason Neidell
  • Moore, Brian. Keith Brooks to Play Despite Injury – Football
  • Hightower, Kyle. Topper Coaches Have a Knack for Confronting the Unexpected
  • Moore, Brian. Western Comes from Behind – Football
  • Hightower, Kyle. Lady Toppers Fall to Denver
  • Williams, Travis. Men’s Basketball Begins Practice
  • Sutton, Lyndsay. With Six New Players, Lady Tops Get Acquainted – Basketball
  • Compton, Michael. Hilltoppers Split Two at Home – Soccer


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