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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Warren, Brandy. Diddle Arena to Get $28 Million Renovation
  • Ragan, Jason. Students Camp Out for Chance to Live in McLean Hall
  • Dawes, Jennifer. Western’s Computer Network Susceptible to Hacking
  • Lynch, Caroline. Officer Alleges Incompetency – Anthony Purcell, WKU Police
  • Act Now to Protect Campus Online Privacy
  • Grady, Brian. Editorial Cartoon – Diddle Arena
  • Frost, Jack. Students Don’t Want Sports
  • Felton, Dennis. Thanks for Caring – Basketball
  • McCabe, Jaclyn. Too Many to Love – Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society, Andy McDowell
  • Corbin, Brett. WKU Telescope Undergoes Renovation – Bell Astrophysical Observatory
  • Ragan, Jason. Academic Complex Service Drive & Parking Lot to be Closed
  • Ragan, Jason. Book Publisher to Visit Western – University of Kentucky Press
  • Ragan, Jason. Student Gets William Walls Travel Award – Denis Mujic
  • Youngman, Sam. Government Professors Enjoy Recent Election Tangle
  • Hall, Rex. Students Deal with Break-Ins
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Columnist Squeezes in Creativity
  • Hoang, Mai. Completing the Circle – Circle K
  • Corcoran, Kate. Bowling Green Muslims Celebrating Holy Month – Ramadan
  • Ragan, Jason. Opera Theatre to Perform Marriage of Figaro
  • Ragan, Jason. Goodwill & WKU Head Start Taking Donations
  • Compton, Micheal. Ending Breaks Unbreakable
  • Ragan, Jason. Symphonic Band to Perform Tuesday
  • Moore, Brian. Western to Host Round Two of I-AA Playoffs Saturday – Football
  • Moore, Brian. Round One: Round Won – Football
  • Williams, Travis. Hilltoppers Defeated 70-66 in Tuesday’s Game Against Vanderbilt University – Basketball
  • Sutton, Lyndsay. Women’s Basketball Team to Face Louisville Tonight in Diddle Arena
  • Darr, John. Questions & Answers with Dennis Felton
  • Warren, Brandy. Swimmers Face Heavyweight Foes


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