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Correspondence between C.A. Ashcraft and Henry Cherry regarding the bout of scarlet fever Eva Ashcraft endured.

Transcript of C.A. Ashcraft's letter:

Brandenburg, Ky.
Jan. 9, 1926

Pres. H.H. Cherry
Bowling Green, Ky.

Dear Sir:
I write to you concerning my daughter Eva who is attending your school. You know I wrote to you last summer to know if you would make any concession in charges for this years term because of the fact she go so little good from last spring's term. You know she had Scarlet fever and it dug deep on her finances as we could not come to wait on her.

She had to pay for nurse and Dr. who made about 6 trips to see if the quarantine could be lifted and charged full price. My impression is the state pays for these kind of visit as it is for the public good or welfare.

Her extra expenses were over $100. i thought may be you would ^be willing to make some reduction in room rent or some other way. I have no grounds for asking this except ^a plea to your generosity in view of her misfortune. You know we farmers have a hard row to hoe and we do want to educate our children.

The matter is left entirely with you.

Please let me hear from you so that I may know how to meet my obligations to you for the time she has been in your school. I hope to have another daughter with you during the spring term.

Yours Truly
C.A. Ashcraft


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