Publication Date

Summer 1971


WKU alumni magazine. Features the following articles:

  • Conway, Sheila. Western's Interpretive Naturalist - Chuck Crume
  • Conway, Sheila. Western's Top Honors - Class of 1971
  • Two Western Scientists Tackle Air Pollution - William Lloyd, Donald Rowe
  • Given, Ed. Big Shoes to Fill The Turn of an Athletic Era - Ted Hornback
  • Downing, Dero. Making Opportunity Work
  • Stahr, Elvis. Attack on the Environment
  • Russell, Marvin. Universe at Our Feet
  • Weaver, William. Utilitarian Sculpture, Salvage Turns to Artistry - Tate Page
  • Godby, A. Fogle. Dental Hygiene Program Begins
  • Sagabiel, Jack. Omicron Delta Kappa: Building Block for Excellence
  • Adams, Bob. Student Publications Take the Lead
  • Wassom, Earl. Project Reclass: An Innovative Library Program
  • Hilltoppers Third in Nation NCAA Photos
  • National Science Foundation Funds Study of Icelandic TV
  • Armstrong, Don. Three New Members Join Board of Regents - W.S. Moss, Lowell Harrison & Linda Jones
  • Conway, Sheila. Students Study Ecology
  • Bennett, James. Western Grad Gains Mr. World Recognition - Ken Waller
  • Bond, Marvin. Our Search for Cleaner Water
  • President Dero Downing Speaks in Huntsville
  • Muhlenberg WKU Alumni Chapter Awards Seven Scholarships
  • Middle Tennessee Club Formed
  • Washington, DC Alumni Meet
  • Jim Richards Speaks to Atlanta Alumni
  • Alumni Notes
  • In Memoriam - Etta Runner


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