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Digitized by student worker Eli Adkisson.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Hoang, Mai. Circuit Court Dismisses Katie Autry Suit Against Western
  • Hopkins, Shawntaye. Four Dorms Converted to Single-Sex for Fall 2004 – Housing & Residence Life
  • Hoang, Mai. Sponsors Help Give Diddle Arena New Look
  • Coffman, Josh. Open House Discusses Proposals – Fraternities & Sororities, SKyPAC
  • Clark, Ashlee. Activities Planned for Christmas Break – International Students
  • Lamar, Mike. Editorial Cartoon re: Big Red Way
  • The College Heights Herald’s Christmas Wish List
  • Clauson, J.M. Tune Played too Early – Fight Song
  • Hoang, Mai. Downing University Center Will Help Students Reach Goals
  • Hindsight – 2003 Photographs
  • Reed, Lindsey. Resolution Asks That Student Addresses Become Optional – Student Government Association
  • Casagrande, Michael. Tops Travel to Wofford – Football
  • Casagrande, Michael. Effort Not Enough for Lady Tops – Basketball
  • Watt, Wes. William Powell Nears Men’s Dual Meet Record as Both Teams Battle Illness – Swimming
  • Casagrande, Michael. Leah Lineberry Quits Lady Tops, Depletes Front Line – Basketball
  • Schoenbachler, Danny. Red Rage – Basketball
  • Brueggemann, Marlene. AIDS Compassion
  • Pike, Daniel. After Years, End of College Days Is Nigh
  • Toone, Stephanie. Student Plans Play About Richard Marx – Tim Jones
  • Hopkins, Shawntaye. Special Phones Being Tested
  • Pike, Daniel. Women’s Studies Fund-Raiser – Feminist Activism Network
  • Clark, Ashlee. Small Crowd Enjoys Judah Freidlander – Entertainment


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