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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Kizer, Drake. Giving Back – George Nichols
  • Alvey, Rebekah. Hackers Go Phishing for WKU Account Information
  • DeLetter, Emily. New Study Ranks WKU Low in Racial Equality
  • Breu, Natasha. New Program Promotes Study of Modern Languages – Modern Language Ambassadors
  • Hovell, Nolan. Meditation Helps Study Habits
  • Allen, Ellie. Editorial Cartoon re: Smoking
  • Juulers: The New Nicotine Addicts
  • Dressman, Jake. Donald Trump’s Costly Game: Tariffs Impact Kentucky Agriculture
  • Pepke, Brenna. Melting Pot – International Festival
  • Kizer, Drake. I’m Spider-Man, Then
  • Yaacoub, Sarah. Mindful Moments Relieves Students
  • Sisler, Julie. WKU Student Actors Present Tartuffe – Theatre & Dance
  • Stahl, Matt. Fumbled Away – Football
  • Chisenhall, Jeremy. Hilltoppers Can’t Dwell on Close Losses – Football
  • McCarthy, Casey. WKU Drops First Home Conference Loss Since 2021 – Volleyball


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