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A compilation of lists of WKU buildings indicating namesake, date built, architects, replacement value, construction type and brief histories. Buildings included are:

Academic Complex, Barnes-Campbell Hall, Barracks, Bates-Runner Hall, Bemis Lawrence Hall, Cabell Hall, Central Hall, Cherry Hall, Cherryton, College High Building, Colonnade, Copy Center, Craig Alumni Center, Cravens Graduate Center, Denes Field, Diddle Arena, Diddle Dorm, Downing Student Center, East Hall, Environmental Sciences & Technology, Faculty House, Frisbie Hall, Ft. Albert Sidney Johnston, Garrett Conference Center, Gilbert Hall, Gordon Wilson Hall, Grise Hall, Hardin Planetarium, Helm Library, Home Management House, Industrial Education, Industrial Education Annex, Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Building, Jones-Jaggers School, Keen Hall, Kentucky Building, McCormack Hall, McLean Hall, Miller Theatre, Music Building, North Hall, Ogden Hall, Parking Structure, Pearce-Ford Tower, Pioneer Cabin, Pioneer Log Cabin, Poland Hall, Potter Hall, President’s Home, Rock House, Rodes-Harlin Hall, Rural Training School, Schneider Hall, Science & Technology Building, Smith Stadium, Snell Hall, South Hall, Supply Services Building, Taylor Agriculture Center, Thompson Complex for Science, Van Meter, West Hall and Wetherby.