Office Politics: Guide for the Politically Challenged Librarian


With national and state political battles gripping the country, it seems appropriate to revisit the pain and potential of workplace politics. Librarians, like most politicians, cope every day with colleagues who lobby for their special interests, make remarkable promises yet fail to follow through, negotiate to pass a bill, leverage patriotism and loyalty, and use surveys and polls to justify their support or opposition to ideas. Like it or not, people and organizations are inherently political. Political decisions can be as simple as always occupying the same chair in a meeting, or making the case for an expensive resource, or ending up with the corner window office instead of the one next to the thumping drop box. Essentially, it comes down to accepting, understanding, and negotiating. After shaking free of the belief that politics live outside the workplace, you can develop into an effective political navigator and negotiator. In time, you’ll manage the storm of discussion that can suddenly envelop a seemingly innocuous idea.


Library and Information Science | Organizational Communication