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Local milliners once supplied many Warren County women with the latest in fashionable hats. A Mrs. Frazer opened a millinery in Bowling Green in 1827. There she made women's hats, stitched mantuas (women's loose-fitting gowns) and taught ladies the "art of drawing and painting on velvet." In 1876 Mrs. I.E. Hancock sold hats in Woodburn, a town of 500 people; ten years later Bowling Green had eight milliners. The number of local hat shops rose during the early twentieth century. The 1922 Bowling Green telephone directory included seventeen "Milliners." Their numbers decreased as department and women's clothing stores offered a wider range of hats.

Hatpins sold at J.W. Campbell's Jewelry Store in Bowling Green ca. 1900-1910. Necessary to secure donned hats atop stylish tresses, hatpins further embellished women's headgear.


Warren County, Kentucky, Milliners


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