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In the early part of the nineteenth century Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Wolfe operated the Bowling Green Academy for Warren County's orphaned black girls and boys. To help finance their studies, students worked part-time on weekends for area white families.

In 1886 Reverend Henry Carpenter was principal and teacher at the Cox Spring School, one of the first schools for black children in Warren County. Though the name changed to Delafield Colored School it was generally known as the "Carpenter School." In 1923, with aid from philanthropist Julius Rosenwald, a modern school building replaced the original one-room structure. In the 1920s, two other "Rosenwald schools"were built in Warren County; one in Bristow and another in Rockfield.

State Street High School was the secondary school for black children in Bowling Green and Warren County. Before integration black students from the county attended high school in town. In the 1960s the new High Street High School replaced the State Street school. Football and basketball teams of the State Street and High Street high schools frequently competed at the state level.

State Street High School senior class excursion, 1929.


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