Volume 11, Issue 4 (2018) Fitness Assessment

Original Research


No Effect of Assisted Hip Rotation on Bat Velocity
Michelle Rivera, Whitney D. Leyva, David C. Archer, Cameron N. Munger, Casey M. Watkins, Megan A. Wong, Ian J. Dobbs, Andrew J. Galpin, Jared W. Coburn, and Lee E. Brown


The Effects of Medicine Ball Training on Bat Swing Velocity in Prepubescent Softball Players
Mallory S. Kobak, Michael J. Rebold, Stacey L. Buser, Rachele M. Kappler, and Ronald Otterstetter


Influence Of Baseline Muscle Strength And Size Measures On Training Adaptations In Resistance-Trained Men
Gerald T. Mangine, Adam M. Gonzalez, Jeremy R. Townsend, Adam J. Wells, Kyle S. Beyer, Amelia A. Miramonti, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jeffrey R. Stout, and Jay R. Hoffman


An Analysis of Collegiate Club-Sport Female Lacrosse Players: Sport-Specific Field Test Performance and the Influence of Lacrosse Stick Carrying
Robert G. Lockie, Samantha A. Birmingham-Babauta, John J. Stokes, Tricia M. Liu, Fabrice G. Risso, Adrina Lazar, Dominic V. Giuliano, Ashley J. Orjalo, Matthew R. Moreno, Alyssa A. Stage, and DeShaun L. Davis


Comparison of Body Composition Measurements in Lean Female Athletes
Carly L. Houska, Jessica D. Kemp, Jamal S. Niles, Amy Morgan, Robin M. Tucker, and Mary-Jon Ludy


Effect of Magnesium Carbonate Use on Repeated Open-Handed and Pinch Grip Weight-Assisted Pull-Ups
Nicholas T. Bacon, Greg A. Ryan, Jonathan E. Wingo, Mark T. Richardson, Tracey Pangallo, and Phillip A. Bishop


Examination of Resistance Settings Based on Body Weight for the 3-Minute All-Out Critical Power Test
Marlene J. Schulte, Jody L. Clasey, Bradley S. Fleenor, and Haley C. Bergstrom


The Effect of the Menstrual Cycle on the Reliability of Contact-Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers
Emily A. Cumberledge, Cassandra Myers, Jennifer J. Venditti, Curt B. Dixon, and Joseph L. Andreacci


Acute Cardiometabolic Responses to Medicine Ball Interval Training in Children
Avery D. Faigenbaum, Jie Kang, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Anne C. Farrell, Nicole Ellis, Ira Vought, and Jill Bush


Validity of Critical Velocity Concept for Weighted Sprinting Performance
Nathan D. Dicks, Tammy V. Joe, Kyle J. Hackney, and Robert W. Pettitt

Technical Note


A Two-test Protocol for the Precise Determination of the Maximal Lactate Steady State
Daniel Yaeger, Jena Winger, Kristin Murphy, and Stasinos Stavrianeas


T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
Western Kentucky University
James W. Navalta, PhD, FACSM
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Whitley J. Stone, PhD
University of Central Missouri

Editor Emeritus

Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM
University of North Texas
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