Volume 14, Issue 2 (2021) Cardiopulmonary Physiology, Metabolism and Nutrition

Original Research


A Short-Term Paleolithic Dietary Intervention Does Not Alter Adipokines Linked to Adiposity
Rachel M. Graff, Kristofer Jennings, Natalie A. Davies, Andres E. Carrillo, Emily C. LaVoy, Edward J. Ryan, and Melissa M. Markofski


Acetic Acid Supplementation: Effect on Resting and Exercise Energy Expenditure and Substrate Utilization
Kolton M. Cobb, Domenico A. Chavez, Jonathan D. Kenyon, Zachary J. Hutelin, and Michael Webster


Effects of Caffeine on Exercise Duration, Critical Velocity, and Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Repeated-Sprint Exercise in Physically Active Men
Jesse A. Stein, Heath Gasier, Blake Goodman, Melitza Ramirez, Blanca DeLaTorre, Cassandra Beattie, Thomas J. Barstow, and Katie Heinrich


Leucine Supplementation Does Not Improve Muscle Recovery from Resistance Exercise in Young Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Crossover Study
Jeferson L. Jacinto, João Pedro Nunes, Alex S. Ribeiro, Juliano Casonato, Mirela C. Roveratti, Bruna N. S. Sena, Edilson S. Cyrino, Rubens A. da Silva, and Andreo F. Aguiar


Beta-alanine Supplementation for Four Weeks Increases Volume Index and Reduces Perceived Effort of Resistance-trained Men: A Pilot Study.
Julio Benvenutti Bueno de Camargo, Felipe Brigatto, Rafael Zaroni, Moises Germano, Raphael Conceicao, Alexandre Martins, Marcelo Aoki, Tiago Braz, and Charles Lopes


Reverse Myocardial Remodeling in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Little Explored Benefit of Exercise
Jefferson Petto, Edna C. de Oliveira, Raissa VA de Almeida, Alice M. de Oliveira, Danielly SN do Amaral, and Bráulio JB de Pinna Jr.


EPOC Comparison Between Resistance Training and High-Intensity Interval Training in Aerobically Fit Women
Beau Kjerulf Greer, Julie O'Brien, Lyndsey Hornbuckle, and Lynn Panton


Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and Substrate Oxidation Following High-Intensity Interval Training: Effects of Recovery Manipulation
Márcio Sindorf, Moisés Germano, Wellington Dias, Danilo Batista, Tiago Braz, Marlene Moreno, and Charles Lopes


Remote Ischemic Preconditioning Does Not Improve the Six Minutes Walk Test Performance in Chronic Heart Failure Patients: a Randomised Pilot Trial
Sarah-Maude Martin, Francois Lalonde, Elise Legault, Paula Ribeiro, Alain Steve Comtois, and François Tournoux


Acute Changes in Arterial Function Post High-Intensity Lower Extremity Cycling
Alyssa Weatherholt, William R. VanWye, Jeffery L. Short, Alyssa A. Andreis, and Guoyuan Huang


Caffeinated Gum Does Not Influence RPE-Regulated Cadence in Recreationally-Active, College Females Regardless of Habitual Caffeine Consumption
Maria L. Mask, Bandar A. Alghamdi, Lauren G. Killen, James M. Green, Eric K. O'Neal, and Hunter S. Waldman

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University of North Alabama

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