Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015) Spring 2015

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN), the official journal of Faith Community Nursing International (FCNI). The publication of this volume is the result of the efforts from many FCNI members. As a newly formed and growing nursing specialty organization, the officers of FCNI identified the development of this journal as essential to the growth of our nursing specialty. We wish to thank Western Kentucky University Digital Commons for supporting the development of this journal. Without their help the publication of this journal would possibly be a dream instead of a reality. We plan to publish quarterly, each volume increasing in the number of research studies and practice articles published to support faith community nursing practice worldwide. This is a grandiose plan that will only happen with the support of our editors and peer reviewers and the continued submission of original work from authors.

Our aims are to publish:

• Research that provides evidence of the effectiveness and economic contribution of FCN practice.
• Studies on evidence-based interventions from nursing or related disciplines that suggest important outcomes and insights for faith community nurses and the practice.
• Critical reviews of social-change research, programs, or theories that generate new insights for research and practice.

Connections with electronic databases will grow as we are established as the source for outstanding research and practice guidelines for faith community nurses.

You can assist us by sharing the journal link with your colleagues and by encouraging authors to submit their original work. Establish your account and sign up for email notices of new volumes. Additionally we need FCNI members interested in becoming peer reviewers. We need individuals who have expertise in FCNI practice as well as individuals who have skill in evaluating the quality of research methods and writing style.

Help us grow in readership and FCNI members. Please consider joining our organization. While our organization continues to grow in numbers we need members to assist FCNI in moving toward our vision of “A vibrant global network of Faith Community Nurses” who:

• Pray for one another.
• Champion and promote FCN practice.
• Provide opportunities for spiritual growth.
• Increase the quantity and quality of related research.
• Enhance communication and networking opportunities worldwide.
• Build and expand the practice.
• Provide the national professional advocacy.
• Identify and develop FCN leaders.
• Recognize the diversity of health needs around the world.
• Promote financial sustainable in our practice.
• Influence policy nationally and internationally.
• Build partnerships to improve the health of the populations we serve.

Peace and Blessings to you at this Easter season,

Beverly Siegrist, EdD, RN
Editor in Chief



Practice Matters: Screening and Caring for Those with Hypertension
Dawn M. Garrett Wright, Maria E. Main, and Mary L. Branstetter


Managing Editor
Dawn Garrett Wright
Managing Editor
Cathy H. Abell