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"Henry Crowley Place" wood engraving by Malcolm Arnett. Composition shows a 19th century log house flanked by trees and a small outbuilding. There is a road in the foreground. The title of the piece, edition number and artist's name are all written underneath the image.

Note: The artist recalled in "Landmarks: 40 Prints from 40 Years of Printmaking" that ..."During and immediately after World War II, parts for farm machinery could not be purchased from equipment dealers, so many of us went to see Hurley Crowley to find parts. He had old machinery spread over about an acre of land and if you were lucky enough to find what needed, he let you take it. Once when I went with our tenant to get parts, I made a sketch of the house Hurley's father, Henry Crowley, had built in the 19th century. Later I made this wood engraving of the place."


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