The International Journal of Exercise Science is a quarterly, online, open access publication dedicated to the dissemination of research in the areas of Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Human Performance, Kinesiology, and related disciplines. Dr. James W. Navalta and Dr. T. Scott Lyons (the author), both Associate Professors of Exercise Science at Western Kentucky University, are the founders of the International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES).

IJES is a student-focused journal, in that the editors are specifically seeking research that is led by graduate or undergraduate students. Manuscripts submitted by professionals (defined as those holding a terminal degree) are also gladly accepted, provided at least one student was involved in the project and is listed as a co-author. The review process includes both student and professional researchers.

This document is a summary case study on the origination, development, marketing and on-going management of this unique research journal.


Exercise Science