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Family Pride [25 pounds, cloth flour bag] produced by the Auburn Mills, Inc. in Auburn, Kentucky. The bag was manufactured by the Werthan Bag Company of Nashville, Tennessee. This bag features a very wholesome round image of a child playing carefree with a model plane on the law outside his family home. The well manicured lawn features trees and the child dressed in yellow shorts and a red shirt is enjoying this outside activity. The image definitely portrays the flour's name of "Family Pride." "Enriched" flour meant that certain nutrients were added to the flour. This also plays to the "Family Pride" theme; all families would want their children to enjoy healthy foods. These nutrients are typically iron and B vitamins (folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine).

Broadside 3721 (SC2013.15.30)


Family Pride, Flour bags, Auburn Mills, Auburn, Kentucky, Werthan Bag Company, Nashville, Tennessee


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