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Log Cabin [5 pounds, paper corn meal bag] produced by Gregory's Mill in Coopersville, Kentucky. The bag was manufactured by the Strong Robinette Bag Company, Inc. of Bristol, Tennessee. Log Cabin is a common name for flour and corn meals, because it conjures up the image of the frontier period and the pioneer's dependence on mill products. This log cabin features two bookend fireplaces, a wood shingle roof, and a front porch. The building is sited amongst conifer trees and sandwiched between two vertical images of cornstalks. This corn meal mix included corn meal, calcium phosphate, baking soda and salt. Depending on your cornbread taste, you need only add water or milk, some melted lard or oil, and possibly eggs. This is a white corn meal; the only difference between yellow and white corn meal is the color of corn used when it was ground. Bolted means that the meal was sifted to remove larger detritus.

Broadside S-2458 (2009.5.57)


Log Cabin, Bags, Gregory's Mill, Coopersville, Kentucky, Strong Robinette Bag Company, Bristol, Tennessee


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