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Grayson Lily [25 pounds, paper flour bag] produced by the Falls of Rough Roller Mills and operated by The Green Farms in Falls of Rough, Kentucky. Grayson Lily refers to Grayson County, where the mill is located, and to the white flower. Lilies are often used in flour trade names, because of the flower's pure white color and its velvety petals. This bag features an accurate woodcut of the mill at Falls of Rough including the bridge spanning the river near the dam. This bag includes a definition of "enriched": "8 ounces of enriched flour contains not less than the following proportions of the minimum daily requirements of Vitamin B1 100%, Riboflavin 30%, Iron 65%, and 8 mgs of Niacin." It also notes that the mineral calcium phosphate has been added. "Bleached" flour means that bleaching agents have been added to speed up the flour's aging process; this results in a whiter, finer-grain flour with a softer texture.

2000.3.23 (Broadside 2498)


Grayson Lily, Flour bags, Falls of Rough Roller Mills, Falls of Rough, Kentucky, The Green Farms


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