Landmark Report


Volume enumeration varies and may not be sequential, topics in this issue include:

“History Worth Preserving – The Quonset Auditorium” by Amber Ridington

“Ortho Dandrith Porter” by Lynn Niedermeier

“Landmark Co-sponsors Book Discussions”

“Important Preservation Legislation Introduced”

“Reuben Crowdus, a.k.a. Ernest Hogan” by Ray Buckberry

“Ora F. Porter” by Sue Lynn Stone

Architectural Details

“Landmark Releases Mt. Moriah CemeteryBook”

“Wooden Windows Are Rarely Beyond Repair”

“Irish Author and Journalist Billy Kennedy to Speak to Association”

Membership Matters


Newsletter published by the Landmark Association; this local group advocates the preservation, protection and maintenance of architectural, cultural and archaeological resources in Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky.


Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Public History