Department Chair: Whitney Peake

The Department of Management is a division of the Gordon Ford College of Business at Western Kentucky University. The management major is the largest major in the college and third largest major at WKU! There are several reasons for it. Our faculty have credentials from prestigious universities and are well recognized in their field. The curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the current business needs and prepares students to succeed in their careers. Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations such as Enactus which has won regional and national awards, and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which interacts with the human resource managers of businesses in our region. Also, students are encouraged to participate in the activities of various management-related organizations such as Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Beta Lambda. The department's involvement with the businesses has created numerous opportunities for internships and more than 25% of our graduating students do complete internships. Internships not only provide a platform to connect the theory with practice and contribute to the growth of the company, but most of the times they result in permanent jobs, which is the ultimate goal of a college degree. The management education also prepares students to pursue post-graduate studies.


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