Dynamics of a thin dewetting liquid film on a vertically oscillating substrate is considered. We assume moderate vibration frequency and large (compared to the mean film thickness) vibration amplitude. Using the lubrication approximation and the averaging method, we formulate the coupled sets of equations governing the pulsatile and the averaged fluid flows in the film, and then derive the nonlinear amplitude equation for the averaged film thickness. We show that there exists a window in the frequency-amplitude domain where the parametric and shear-flow instabilities of the pulsatile flow do not emerge. As a consequence, in this window the averaged description is reasonable and the amplitude equation holds. The linear and nonlinear analyses of the amplitude equation and the numerical computations show that such vibration stabilizes the film against dewetting and rupture.


Applied Mechanics | Fluid Dynamics | Materials Science and Engineering | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Non-linear Dynamics | Numerical Analysis and Computation | Partial Differential Equations | Transport Phenomena