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Letter to the College Heights Herald editor from David Goguen regarding the Miss Western discrimination case:

I was shocked to discover that women with children are not allowed to participate in the Miss Western Pageant. Since the event is "ideally for virgins," it makes me wonder if pageant director Judy Woodring ever heard of immaculate conception. Don't laugh: These things have been known to happen. Just recently Oprah Winfrey entertained several guests who claimed to have experienced this phenomena. It certainly would be a tragedy if some virtuous woman was denied registration to the pageant simply because of divine intervention.

All this raises another question: how can pageant organizers be sure potential contestants are, in fact, virgins? I assume there are physical examinations and lie detector tests.

Also, Western should not advertise the pageant is just for "virgins." According to some local preachers, Satan worshipers run rampant on campus. It certainly would be tragic during the pageant if some impish brute jumped on stage during the swimsuit competition and bolted off with a fair-skinned beauty tossed over his shoulder! This type of sacrifice is totally unacceptable.

With all the hype about President Clinton allowing gays in the military, I certainly hope this pageant rule doesn't become an issue. It's conceivable that some candidates would run on the platform of allowing non-virgins into traditionally "pure" university programs.

Fortunately, President Meredith has vowed to "explore" this issue "to the fullest." If and when our leader finds a solution to this problem, maybe he can focus his attention on some less important gender issues, such as salary equality and the lack of female administrators.

David Goguen, Sterling, Mass., graduate student


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