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College Heights Herald article regarding Alpha Kappa Alpha week:

Every year Western Greeks look forward to one week to call their own. This year the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is making the most of its week with such events as a picnic and the annual pageant.

"The week is very important," said Bowling Green junior Rana Barnes. "It brings us together and unifies us even more. It's also a chance for us to get to know each other even better."

Western's official Greek Week is April 11-18 but AKA is holding theirs this week.

The smells of hamburgers and pizza wafted from the West hall Cellar as the AKAs hosted a picnic Monday.

The picnic was a relaxing way for the sorority to get to know students - Greeks and independents alike.

"Food always brings people together and it was something different to do in the afternoon," said AKA President Sanee Smith, a Louisville junior.

On Tuesday the AKA women took time to visit the residents of the Rosewood Nursing Home. The group talked and played games with the residents.

"A lot of the residents' families don't get to come out very often," Radcliff senior Erica Lee said. "They are always happy to see a young face."

Last night the group sponsored a program on safe sex Lee said it is important for college students to know the options available for practicing safe sex.

"A lot of people preach abstinence but sex is out there and we should be real about it," she said.

The week will culminate tonight with the Miss Black Western Pageant. This is the 28th year for the pageant which has become a tradition with the sorority.

"It's something that can showcase the talents of women on campus," Smith said. "It's entertaining and a lot of fun for the people participating. And a lot of fun for us."

The pageant features spring wear, evening wear and a talent competition.

Despite all the hard work, Smith said the most important part of the pageant is how close everyone involved gets.

"I get to know a lot about them, and hopefully, they get to know a lot about me," she said.


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