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Conclusion of College Heights Herald article about the 2000 Miss Black Western pageant.

. . . ovations and cheers. Miss Congeniality, Carisha Thornton said all the hard work was worth it.

"I feel better now that it's all behind me, but it was worth the hard work," Thornton said.

The intensity of the performances was even surprising to members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, who sponsored the event. Nashville senior Latoya Ramsey, a member of AKA, said they were shocked at the quality of the performances.

"The girls were holding back in rehearsals," Ramsey said. "The girls that sang, hit notes that they never hit before."

Contestants like Franklin sophomore Vicki Potter said the best part of her experience was the bond that the contestants formed.

"I encourage every African-American female at Western to do this," Potter said. "I wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad I made so many friends."

Ramsey said the members of AKA were pleased with how the show turned out.

"I think the quality of the show made it good," Ramsey said. "I hope that when you think of Miss Black Western, you think class."


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