Welcome The theme for this year’s symposium is “Hidden Landscapes...Hidden Challenges” which is reflected in the surface and subsurface landscapes of the Mammoth Cave Region and the challenges we face living on and above those landscapes. Mammoth Cave National Park and surrounding areas serve as a natural laboratory for enhancing our understanding of complex cave systems and the associated karst watersheds. Bowling Green, Kentucky exemplifies the challenges of living on karst most notably with the recent Corvette National Museum sinkhole col-lapse and how those challenges are addressed which is also featured in the remediations associated with the sinkhole. The 2015 National Cave and Karst Management Symposium has brought special focus on the problems and solutions inherent to living on, managing and protecting not only the Kentucky karst but also to the many other cave and karst areas of the world. Editor: Patricia Kambesis Cave Research Foundation Center for Human-GeoEnvironmental Studies, Western Kentucky University

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Geology and Hydrology