Originally published in The Director: Journal of the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care.


Background: The older adult population, age 65 and older, in the United States has increased 30% since 2005 and is projected to continue to grow. Nursing homes have become the living arrangement for some older adults. Nursing home administrators (NHAs) can play a vital role in the long-term care industry. Job satisfaction is important as it can enhance retention of NHAs.Methods: A purposive sample of NHAs was utilized for this descriptive correlational research study to examine job satisfaction. A researcher developed demographic questionnaire and the Nursing Home Administrator Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (NHA-JSQ), which has six specific domains, were utilized to collect data.Results: The findings indicated overall job satisfaction of NHAs in each of the domains. The domain with the highest mean was regarding work skills.Conclusion: Based on findings from this study, there are factors that could be examined to increase the already positive satisfaction of NHA.


Geriatric Nursing | Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing