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Program for basketball game against Southeast Missouri State College with information regarding a flag dedication program and halftime dance demonstration.

Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Bowling Green, Ky,, Friday December 13 [1940], 7:30 P.M.

Basketball Program, Western Ky. State vs Southeast Missouri

Ladies and gentlemen we are presenting a short but comprehensive dedicatory program just before the game tonight. At a time when healthy bodies, physical fitness, muscular endurance are the pre-requisites for a strong national defensive program, we pause long enough before the curtain rises on another basketball season, to pay our respects to the American flag and to rededicate ourselves to the principles therein; and to say to the youths of this country, “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.” [a healthy mind in a healthy body]

When the lights are turned off, watch for the appearance of the flood lights which will focus on the flag in the center of the floor.

At the half time you are to be entertained by two dance routines given by some of the students from the physical education dance classes; the first is a natural interpretive dance, the second is a tap dance.


Coach E. A. Diddle – Hilltoppers

*11 Downing, Alex Guard
35 McGuffey, Harold Forward 39 Day, Billy Forward
*41 Fulks, Kendrick Forward
*42 Towery, Carlyle Center
47 Ruter, Charlie Center
*51 Shelton, Earl Forward
*59 Downing, Howard Gurad
63 Woodard, Roger Guard
64 Combs, Claude Forward & Guard
77 Snydor Wallace Guard
88(?) Downing, Dero Guard
54 Wilson, Bob Guard

Coach C.P. Harris – Indians

*11 Mulkey, Herb Center
*77 Branch, R. Guard
*22 Hill, Gene Guard
88 Bidwell, Clarence Forward
33 Gunnett, C. Guard
68 Brase, Herb Forward
55 Behrens, Jack Guard
*44 Burns, Bud Center
*38 Russell, Jack Forward
21 –essell, C. Guard
63 Uhls, Joe Forward
31 Hockman, Bill Forward
50 Breven, Loyd Guard(?)
38 Englehart, Noel(?) Guard

[remainder illegible]


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