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Karen Durbin's College Heights Herald article regarding the conversion of the Health & Physical Education Building to a library.

Since the completion of the Academic-Athletic Building, many are wondering what is to become of the old gym.

Plans are being made to reconstruct and enlarge the old gym and convert it into a library.

The new library will consist of three floors. The ground floor will include a reading room for the Library Science department, classrooms and offices for this department, and the stacks. Study areas will be available down in the stacks with individual study carrells.

The main floor will consist of offices, circulation desks, browse area, reference reading room, and a room for the rare book collection.

On the second floor will be found a reserve room, periodical room, microfilm room and a staff lounge. Also included will be a special room for the art library and slides.

In case you are wondering about the addition of the second floor, the present balcony will be taken out and one mass room will be constructed.

It is easily understood why a new building was not constructed for the library and this is well summed up by Dr. Raymond L. Cravens, dean of the college. He said, "The old gym is adaptable to conversion into the library because of the open spaces available. Its locality is ideal and convenient for both students and faculty and it is more easily subject for future expansion."

He also said that there would be twice as much square footage in the old gym than could be achieved by building onto the present library.

The athletic figures around the top of the old gym will be removed and replaced by solid panels. A new entrance will be constructed on the side adjacent to the football stadium.

Reserved space will be available for the football teams, both home and away, and for officials in this building during the football season. The new library will be completely air-conditioned.

Those serving on the committee for these plans include Mr. L.T. Smith, physical plant administrator, Dean Cravens, Mr. Dero G. Downing, dean of admissions, Miss Sara Tyler, head librarian and Miss Marjorie Helm, director of library services.

Completion of the project is scheduled for next year.


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